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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

Soon more months.

January 9th

Dom Pedro I of Brazil and IV of Portugal - Fico's Day

1514 - Ana dies, Duchess of Brittany and Queen Consort of France.
1522 - Election of Pope Adrian VI.
1554 - Born Pope Gregory XV.
1571 - Dies Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon, French officer, founder of Antarctic France.
1693 - An earthquake strikes Sicily (Italy) and more than 60 villages and towns, killing 50,000 people.
1768 - The Englishman Philip Astley presents in London (England) the first modern circus, with acrobats, clowns and trained animals.
1788 - Connecticut becomes the fifth US state.
1790 - Britain, Prussia and the Netherlands agree to maintain a common policy towards Belgium.
1822 - Dom Pedro I with the phrase "If it is for the good of all and the general happiness of the nation, I am ready! Tell the people that I stay"refusing to return to his homeland, Portugal. This act of the then regent gave greater force to Brazil's independence process and became known as the Fico's Day.
1837 - Russian poet Pushkin is seriously injured in a duel.
1849 - Under the presidency of Giuseppe Mazzini, Rome is proclaimed republic.
1861 - The state of Mississippi separates from the US to be part of the Southern Confederation.
1863 - The London Underground (England) is inaugurated, the world's first seven-kilometer underground train.
1872 - The Treaty of Peace between Brazil and Paraguay is signed.
1873 - Napoleon III, French emperor dies.
1878 - Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy, is succeeded by Humberto I.
1881 - The Saraiva Law that establishes voter registration, direct elections, secret ballot and the registry prepared by the Court enters into force in Brazil.
1892 - The flag of Paraná is adopted.
1893 - Verdi's opera "Falstaff" opens at the "Scala" theater in Milan, Italy.
1908 - Simone de Beauvoir is born, French philosopher, feminist and writer.
1912 - US forces invade Honduras to preserve US interests in banana production.
1913 - Born Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the USA.
1919 "Grand Duchess Carlota ascends the throne of Luxembourg."
1922 - Ahmed Sékou Touré, former president of Guinea is born.
1923 - For the first time a helicopter flight is made in Spain by Juan de la Cierva.
- The Allies decide to occupy German territory in the Rühr Valley in retaliation for Germany's delay in paying war repairs.
1935 - Britain signs a trade agreement with India.
1939 - Libya is incorporated into the territory of Italy.
1941 - Columbia Broadcasting System conducts the first demonstration of a color television screen.

1942 - British forces regain Bardia in Libya.
- A large contingent of Japanese forces landed in the Philippines during World War II.
- The Russian offensive hits the eastern part of Smolensko during World War II.
1943 - Brazil declares its accession to the United Nations and the Atlantic Charter.
1944 - US troops take over the Italian town of San Vittore during World War II.
1945 - Allied troops land in Luzon, Philippines.
1948 - Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein dies.
1951 - The headquarters of the United Nations opens in New York. The institution comes at the end of World War II.
1954 - Presentation, in New York (USA), of the first integrated circuit calculator, called the electronic brain.
1957 - British Prime Minister Anthony Eden resigns and is replaced by Harold Mac Millan.
1959 - Rigoberta Menchú, born in Guatemala, human rights percussionist. Nobel Peace Prize of 1992.
1960 - Beginning of construction of the Aswan dam on the Nile River - (Egypt) - by Gamel Abdul Nasser, President at the time.
1961 - The joint command and advisory assembly of Africa is set up in Morocco to ensure the common defense of Africa and the security of all member countries of the organization.
1962 - Japan signs a treaty, agreeing to pay the United States $ 290 million for aid received after World War II.
- The URDD and Cuba sign a $ 60 million trade exchange protocol in Havana.
1965 - Vietnamese and Chinese students, ahead of about two thousand young people, attack the US Embassy in Moscow in protest against US military action in Vietnam.
1968 - The American space probe "Surveyor 7" reaches the lunar surface. The first man steps on the moon the following year.
1970 - Informants at Elisha's palace say France has not agreed to sell mirage jets to the Libyan regime.
1971 - A seismic shake causes about 70 deaths in Los Angeles, USA.
1972 - Begins an unlimited strike of 280,000 miners in the United Kingdom (England).
1976 - Rupert Wildt dies (born 25/06/1905). German-American astronomer who specializes in studying the atmospheres of the planets.
1977 - A Palestinian nationalist suspected of planning the attack on Israeli athletes participating in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games is arrested in Paris (France) by the French intelligence services, who identify him as Abou Daoud.
1978 - Swedish writer Harri Martinson dies, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1974 in Stockholm.
1979 - Iran's Shah releases 266 prisoners sentenced to death by Iranian courts.
- Pier Pier Luigi Nervi dies, regarded as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century.
1980 - Sixty-three fanatical Muslims are beheaded in Saudi Arabia for besieging the Great Mosque of Mecca in November 1979.
1981 - Francisco Pinto Balsmanha replaces Diogo Freitas do Amaral in place of Prime Minister of Portugal.
- Bill Halley, considered to be the "father of rock", dies in Texas (USA) at the age of 53.
1983 - Hundreds of British residents of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) welcome Prime Minister Margareth Thatcher, who makes a surprise visit to the islands, seven months after the end of the conflict with Argentina.
1984 - A draft peace project in Central America is signed in Panama by Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua with the intervention of the countries of the "Contadora Group".
- Jordan's parliament is convened for the first time in ten years.
- Al Awad, on trial in Albufeira (Portugal) for the murder of PLO leader Issam Sartawi, identifies himself as 24-year-old Mohamed Hussein Rashid, born in Jerusalem, belonging to the Palestinian National Movement, and member of the Abu Nidal Revolutionary Council.
1985 - South African white business associations praise the government's decision to create free commercial areas in 44 white cities, allowing blacks, mestizos and Asians to be able to run businesses for the first time in those areas.
1986 - International observers accuse supporters of Philippine President Ferdinando Marcos of fraud in counting the votes of the 7th presidential election.
- US President Ronald Reagan calls for the immediate return of all US citizens resident in Libya, otherwise they will face the appropriate sanctions if they do not accept the decision.
1987 - The first constitution of Nicaragua drawn up under the Sandinista regime enters into force.
1988 - Scientists at Boston's Whitehead Institute can isolate the gene responsible for human sex and locate the "Y" chromosome, which is present only in men.
1992 - Independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1995 - Dies in London (England), the British actor Peter Cook at the age of 57.
1996 - Chechen rebels capture two thousand Russians and threaten to kill them if their demands are not accepted by the government.
1998 - The murderous ETA, in Zaraus (Spain), José Ignácio Irutetagoyena, councilor of the Popular Party (PP).
- Dies Kenichi Fukui - Japanese, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981.
2005 - Mahmoud Abbas or Abu Mazen is elected president of the Palestinian Authority to replace Yasser Arafat, who died on 11 November 2004 in Paris (France).
- US Secretary of State Collin Powell accuses the Cuban government of trying to destabilize Latin America.
2006 - Evo Morales, Bolivian president, visits China and invites entrepreneurs and the government to invest in projects to exploit gas reserves in Bolivia.
- Businessmen and traders from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, hold a one-day general strike to protest violence in the country.


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