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The proclamation of the Republic Day

The proclamation of the Republic Day

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On November 15, we commemorate the establishment of the Republic in Brazil, a form of government in which the people exercise their sovereignty by choosing the head of the nation. This was a very important chapter in the history of Brazil, since today we live in a democratic regime. Let's remember how this all happened?

Before becoming a Republic, Brazil was an Empire. In other words, we were independent of Portugal, however, all decisions were made unilaterally by the emperor, D. Pedro II. The monarchy began to weaken in the late 19th century, when Brazil was undergoing a series of social and economic changes.

D. Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil

With the end of slavery, the Empire lost the important support of the slavocrats, since the Republicans (who were those who wanted to end the monarchy) shared the same ideals as the abolitionists. Peter II also lost the fundamental support of the Church by interfering in religious matters. The military was unhappy with the emperor's attitude of forbidding them to express themselves in the press. Finally, the ever-growing middle class (journalists, doctors, traders, etc.) wanted to gain more space in political decisions. All these factors were fundamental to the end of the monarchy's support bases in Brazil.

On November 15, 1889, Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca declared the end of the imperial period. That same day a provisional government was formed. Thus, the marshal became the first president in the history of Brazil. Aware that he could not possibly reverse this situation, D. Pedro II only accepted the will of the people and returned to Portugal.

Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca - Proclaimer of the Republic and 1st Brazilian President


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