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Elkhorn AOG-7 - History

Elkhorn AOG-7 - History

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A river in Nebraska.

(AOG 7: dp. 1,860; 1. 310'9"; b. 48'G"; dr. 16'8"; s. 14k.;
cpl. 131; a. 4 3"; cl. Patapsco)

Elkhorn (AOG-7) was launched 16 May 1943 by Cargill Inc., Savage, Minn.; sponsored by Mrs. J. A. Flynn, and commissioned 12 February 1944, Lieutenant (junior grade) T. Norris, USNF`, in command.

Elkhorn sailed from New Orleans 26 February 1944 for the South Pacific and arrived at Milne Bay, New Guinea, 29 May for duty as station tanker. She made several voyages to Manus to reload and fueled ships in the invasion of Morotai in September 1944, otherwise serving at Milne Bay until March 1945 when she arrived at Leyte. Elkhorn served throughout the Philippines until 1 December, then returned to the west coast for overhaul.

Elkhorn remained on active service with the Pacific Fleet through 1952. From her base at Pearl Harbor she alternated tours of duty in the Far East with cruises among the islands of the South and central Pacific. During the Korean war she operated in Japanese waters and off the Korean coast twice, in 1951 and 1953, and in 1956 and 1957 she sailed from the west coast to Icy Cape and Point Barrow as a part of the Arctic resupply missions.

Vietnam Service Medal

Served in the armed forces between the following dates:

  • between November 15, 1961 and April 30, 1975 2, 1946, for military service, in geographical theater areas of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia.

The Vietnam Service Medal (VSM) is a award of the United States Armed Forces established in 1965 by order of President Lyndon B. Johnson. The distinctive design has been attributed to both sculptor Thomas Hudson Jones, a former employee of the Army Institute of Heraldry. Ώ] and Mercedes Lee. ΐ] The medal is issued to recognize military service during the Vietnam War and is authorized to service members in every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, provided they meet the qualification criteria in United States Department of Defense regulation DoD 1348.

Military awards and honors [ edit ]

Elkhorn earned one battle star for Korean War service:

She received eight campaign stars for Vietnam War service:

  • Vietnam Defense
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase II
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase III
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase V
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase VI
  • Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969
  • Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970

Elkhorn’s crew was eligible for the following medals and commendations:

Elkhorn earned one battle star for Korean War service:

She received eight campaign stars for Vietnam War service:

  • Vietnam Defense
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase II
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase III
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase V
  • Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase VI
  • Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969
  • Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970

Elkhorn’s crew was eligible for the following medals and commendations:


In the early 1800s, Colonel Samuel Phoenix, who spotted a rack of elk antlers caught in a tree, proclaimed the area as “Elk Horn”. The area’s pristine beauty and fertile soils drew the attention of Daniel Bradley, his brother Milo, and LeGrand Rockwell in their quest to create a village. By 1846 when the first town meeting was held, Elkhorn boasted a population of 539.

Located at the center of Walworth County, Elkhorn was designated as the County seat in 1846. As the County seat, Elkhorn serves as the host community for governance and justice, financial and service organizations, and facilities and events. A beautiful park surrounds the County Government Center, a focal point for the Elkhorn downtown. It is where families gathered to say goodbye to their soldiers during World War II. Later the park became the setting for unique Christmas decorations, which resulted in being known as the “Christmas Card Town.”

“The Christmas Card Town” reputation is recognized every year through a series of oil paintings created by resident artist Jan Castle Reed depicting the City’s historical landmarks. The “Christmas Card Town” began with a series of the watercolor paintings done in the 1950s by Cecil Johnson for Ford Motor Company, which were later used for Christmas Cards. The tradition continues through the artistic talents of Jan Castle Reed and the sponsorship of the Elkhorn Area Chamber of Commerce.

In 1851, it became the home of the Walworth County Fair, deemed as one of the best county fairs in the nation. Today, the event draws over 100,000 visitors to the City. For more information on the County Fair or other activities on the fair grounds, contact the Walworth County Agricultural Society.

Elkhorn’s motto, “Living in Harmony” reflects its traditional “hometown” values and the community’s musical background from source band instrument manufacturers and repair, historical significance of composer Joseph Philbrick Webster of Civil War days and the Elkhorn-Holton Band.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Washington and Moscow would start consultations on cybersecurity.

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Israel's military says a Palestinian woman attempted to ram her car into soldiers in the West Bank.

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Elkhorn AOG-7 - History


(classic Third Edition- Author Unknown)

The following pages contain almost all of the Third Edition of
The Army of God Manual. This manual is an anonymous work available to anti-abortionists since the beginning of the movement to stop the legal murder of innocent babies.

The Army of God Manual is reproduced here as an historical document of the anti-abortion movement. It is not to be construed as sanctioning any group or individual to perform any action.

I first became aware of the Army of God Manual in the early 80's, when I was given a copy by another anti-abortionist.

Apparently, it had been circulated among anti-abortionists through out the country unknown to the government, pro-aborts or the media. Just how long it had been in circulation prior to my receiving a copy, I do not know.

After Shelley Shannon, a.k.a. "Shaggy West", shot Babykiller George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas, the resulting FBI investigation found a copy of the AOG Manual buried in Shelley's back yard.

In July of 1994 A.D., Paul Hill stopped Pensacola Babykiller John
Britton from murdering any more helpless children. Just one month after that event, at pro-abortion Attorney General Janet Reno's insistence, the Justice Department established the

Their objective was to prove the existence of a vast conspiracy of anti-abortionists, and to prosecute accordingly. Among some agents, this task force was also known as CRAPCON.

This Task Force is still in existence at the time of this writing, and presently provides the babykillers with special protection at tax payers expense. It further provides the incentive for the F.B.I., BATF, state and local authorities to hunt down and harass Christian anti-abortionists with your tax dollars.


VAAPCON began the attack by launching a grand jury investigation in Alexandria, Virginia. The F.B.I. previously conducted several extensive, but non-productive investigations into the activities of anti-abortionists.

Each time they reported they could find no evidence of a conspiracy, and each time, Janet Reno, sent the agents back to investigate further. This was in the hope of discovering some sort of offense that would silence those who opposed her private, pro-abortion agenda.

Timely Reprint:

While his fellow anti-abortionists were being interrogated and stripped of their personal copies of this manual, David Leach, editor of the Prayer and Action News, in a show of free speech, reprinted the Army of God Manual in its entirety. It seemed Dave sent copies to everyone under the sun.

To our knowledge, this is the first reproduction of this historical document since that time.

Many things contained in the Army of God Manual are dated due to technological advances but, as stated previously, this is presented for historical purposes as a document of the embryonic beginnings of the American anti-abortion movement.

There has been some suggestion of updating the manual and
re-issuing a "Fourth Edition". To my knowledge, this project has not as yet been attempted.

Elkhorn AOG-7 - History

USS Elkhorn AOG 7

Personalized Canvas Ship Print

(Not just a photo or poster but a work of art!)

The printed picture is exactly as you see it. You have the choice of two print sizes. 8"x10" or 11"x14" ready for framing as it is or you can add an additional matte of your own choosing. The prints are made to order. They look awesome when matted and framed.

We PERSONALIZE the print with "Name, Rank and/or Years Served" or anything else you would like it to state (NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE). It is placed just above the ships photo. After purchasing the print simply email us or indicate in the notes section of your payment what you would like printed on it. Example:

United States Navy Sailor
Proudly Served Sept 1963 - Sept 1967

This would make a nice gift and a great addition to any historic military collection. Would be fantastic for decorating the home or office wall.

The watermark "Great Naval Images" will NOT be on your print.

This photo is printed on Archival-Safe Acid-Free canvas using a high resolution printer and should last many years.

Because of its unique natural woven texture canvas offers a special and distinctive look that can only be captured on canvas. The canvas print does not need glass thereby enhancing the appearance of your print, eliminating glare and reducing your overall cost.

Every sailor loved his ship. It was his life. Where he had tremendous responsibility and lived with his closest shipmates. As one gets older his appreciation for the ship and the Navy experience gets stronger. A personalized print shows ownership, accomplishment and an emotion that never goes away. It helps to show your pride even if a loved one is no longer with you. Every time you walk by the print you will feel the person or the Navy experience in your heart (guaranteed).

We guarantee you will not be disappointed with this item or your money back. In addition, We will replace the canvas print unconditionally for FREE if you damage your print. You would only be charged a nominal fee plus shipping and handling.

The image is portrayed on the waters of the ocean or bay with a display of her crest if available. The ships name is printed on the bottom of the print. What a great canvas print to commemorate yourself or someone you know who may have served aboard her.

Elkhorn AOG-7 - History

  • Folder
  • City of Elkhorn 2009 Calendar (May)
  • CIty of Elkhorn 2008 Calendar (November)

"Decades before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, a civil rights battle of another kind was brewing on the great plains. The Ponca Indians of Nebraska had been relocated to what is now Ponca City, Oklahoma. The government failed to fulfill their portion of the relocation agreement and as a result a third of the tribe died due to starvation, malaria, and related causes. Chief Standing Bear, in an effort to fulfill his promise to his son to bury him in his homeland, returned to Nebraska and was promptly arrested.

Andrew J. Poppleton, who lived on a farm in the Elkhorn area, was one of two attorneys who aided Standing Bear. In April 1879, they successfully sued for a writ of habeas corpus in U.S. District Court in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a landmark case, recognizing that an Indian is a “person” under the law and entitled to its rights and protection. “The right of expatriation is a natural, inherent and inalienable right and extends to the Indian as well as to the more fortunate white race,” the judge concluded.

Years later, blind and in failing health, Poppleton reflected on his final court plea for Standing Bear: “I cannot recall any two hours' work of my life with which I feel better satisfied.”

Elkhorn AOG-7 - History

Searching for Dale Seithel and any others from the 299th Combat Engrs., LZ North English, 1969-70. I am planning a trip back to Vietnam in March 2009 and would love to hear from you guys. Contact: Brian Wirpsa, 770-910-2842 [email protected]

Seeking shipmates from U.S.S. Pictor (AF-54), 1963-66. Homeport: Alameda, Calif. Contact: Paul Liddle, Jr., 137 Kenbrook Dr., Galax, VA 24333 276-235-0711.

Searching for buddies from 589th Engrs., Bunker 38 Alpha, An Khe, January 1968. Contact: Leslie Overcash, 2208 44th St., Moline, IL 61265.

Want to hear from anyone&mdashdoctors, nurses, corpsmen, patients&mdashwho was on Ward 4-B, Philadelphia Naval Hospital, May-Dec. 1969, including Mac (corpsman), Vickie Grossman (nurse), and Brisbou (nurse). Contact: John Bird, 17 Georgetown Rd, Columbus, NJ 08022 609-298-2001.

Looking for anyone who served with me in HQ Co., 2nd Bn., 28th Inf., 1st Inf. Div., Lai Khe, Feb. 1968-69. Contact: Fred Johnson, 19 Collins Rd., Jacksonville, AR 72076 501-982-1654.

Seeking former shipmates John Foote, Puckett (Kentucky), and Dennis &ldquoSqueaky&rdquo Mosier (Kansas) for reunion. We served aboard the U.S.S. Elkhorn (AOG-7), Pearl Harbor Fuel Pier #2, 1959-1963. Contact: Earl E. Rivers, P.O. Box 753607, Memphis, TN 38175 901-487-4582.

Looking for members of 35th Eng. Bn. who witnessed an accident on Highway One involving Patrick Spence. I was thrown from the vehicle. Also seeking anyone who was in LBJ in Feb. 1968. Contact: Patrick Spence, 143 Chestnut St., Ithaca, NY 14850 [email protected]

Looking for Marines of 2/1 and 1/1, 1st Mar. Div., Oct. 1966-May 1968. I was Bn. Supply Chief for two consecutive tours. Contact: Robert Gambol, P.O. Box 88, Lakewood, NM 88254 610-304-6649 [email protected]

Seeking anyone who served with me under Lt. Abraham in both B Co. and E Co. (Recon.), 4th Bn., 39th Inf., 9th Inf. Div., or with the Navy Mobile Riverine Force aboard the U.S.S Mercer (APB-39), 1968-69. Contact: Ramiro Lopez, 5 Chihuahua Ct., Brownsville, TX 78526 956-541-9347 or 956-455-2885 (cell).

Want to confirm action and receive long-delayed Bronze Star. Need witness statements from &ldquoAndy&rdquo Anderson from T-91-9, &ldquoBuffalo Head&rdquo (Texas), Dean (Texas), any Vietnamese crewmembers, or any PBR crew members involved in ambush on Dec. 29, 1968, outside of Tuyen Nhon. Contact: Eddie Riddle, 2708 C St., Apt. 14, Sacramento, CA 95816 916-443-5529 [email protected]

Looking for Robert Gray, Charlie Cross, David Moore, Michael Greene, Jay Ellington, Stephen Michael, Donald Hicks, Nokes, Bradley, or any others in 1st Plt., Co. C, 720th MP Bn., attached to 1st Inf. Div., Phu Loi, 1967-68. Contact: Bob (&ldquoSgt. Rock&rdquo) Eaves, Box 456, New Windsor, MD 21776 410-635-3489.

Looking for Ron Coffman, Bob Knowles, the corpsman, and anyone else who served at Camp Carroll in mid-1968. I was there with GySgt. Dickerson to upgrade the Comm Center and took a piece of shrapnel in my left leg. Contact: Donald Richard (&ldquoDick&rdquo) Cannon, 8106 Roxboro Dr., Hudson, FL 34667.

Seeking anyone who worked on the flight line at Dong Mong Bangkok Air Mail Terminal, Thailand, and may have become ill due to exposure to aircraft chemicals and exhaust. Also anybody who served at Clark AFB (Philippines), 1974. Contact: John T. Alexander, Sr., 424 Bakertown Rd., Antioch, TN 37013 615-397-5025.

Searching for Craig Lincoln (born March 17, 1949, in Los Angeles). He served in Vietnam as an Army paratrooper. Last-known residence in Kansas. Contact: Brian Lincoln, 9113 E. Rosecrans Ave., Apt. 42, Bellflower, CA 90706 562-529-2502.

Anyone still around from 94th Maint. Co., Cu Chi? I have movies, photos, and memories to share. Contact: Dennis Kushner, 27893 Moran, Harrison Twp., MI 48045 [email protected]

Searching for Gilbert Lee. Gilbert served in the Qui Nhon and Binh Dinh areas, 1970-73. He met and fell in love with Phu Vo, and their son Hoa was born in Oct. 1971. Gilbert had a tattoo of Phu&rsquos name and a heart on his arm. Contact: Jim Barker, 4941 Dickinson Dr., San Jose, CA 95111 408-401-7939 [email protected]

Seeking anyone who served aboard the U.S.S. Thresher (SSN-593) prior to its loss on April 10, 1963. I am writing an account of my uncle, Richard W. Jones, who was serving aboard the sub when it went down. Contact: Carl J. Gauthier, J10856 B1139S, Polk Correctional Institution, 10800 Evans Rd., Polk City, FL 33868.

Veteran&rsquos widow seeks anybody who remembers her husband, Robert (&ldquoSki&rdquo) Olszewski who served with A Co., 4th Bn., 31st Inf., 196th LIB, Americal Div., Feb. 1970-Jan. 1971. Bob was at LZ West, and was in an ambush at Heip Duc, June 6, 1970. Contact: Karen Olszewski, 562-299-3470 562-826-5008 [email protected]

Looking for Greg Walters (Wisconsin), Mark Mattson, or anyone who served with me in the 80th General Support Grp. Compound, Danang, 1971-72. Contact: Larry Eggert, 2496 Morgan Ln., Green Bay, WI 54311 920-468-4455.

Need help with VA claim. Seeking any members of USMC Recruit Depot Plt. 2138, San Diego, July 1969. Also searching for a copy of a 20/20 TV broadcast about USMC boot camp abuse of recruits. This program aired in the 1980s. Contact: Mariano (&ldquoEddie&rdquo) Espinoza, 316 E. Hervey, Roswell, NM 88203 575-623-9116.

Looking for anybody who served with me in the 243rd Field Svc. Co. (1st Log), Pleiku, Apr. 1968-69. Does anyone recall my guard tower being struck by lightning and killing William R. Curry on July 6, 1968? Contact: Ricardo Cruz Camacho, P.O. Box 21204 GMF, Barrigada, GU 96921 671-632-7216.

Need to confirm stressors for a PTSD claim. Seeking anyone who served with me in the 1098th Trans. Co., May 6, 1966-Apr. 30, 1967. Contact: Eugene Hogue, 615 Cohasset Dr., Youngstown, OH 44511 330-746-4899.

Need help to confirm events for VA claim. Looking for any who served with me in Co. C, 1st Engrs. (AVN), 503rd Inf., June 1964-Aug. 1965. Contact: Phillip Charles Myers, 246 Superior St., Hermitage, PA 16148 724-347-4198. Must document events for PTSD claim. Seeking any who served with me in H&S Co., 3rd Med. Bn., 3rd Marine Div., 1971. Contact: Eugene Rock, 840 Palmer, Youngstown, OH 22502 330-770-5060.

Looking for help from anybody who was denied service-connected disability. Also seeking anyone who was on perimeter duty with Force Logistic Support Grp.-Bravo, 3rd Marine Div., when we took incoming and the ammo dump at Dong Ha blew, June or July 1968. Contact: Robert Czyzewski GN-9271, State Correctional Institution, 1000 Follies Rd., Dallas, PA 18612.

Looking for a basic training yearbook for Co. A, 3rd Bn., 1st Trng. Bde., Ft. Polk, Jan. 1974. Contact: Mark S. Pritt #156-453, P.O. Box 8107, Mansfield, OH 44901.

When my father came back from Vietnam, his trunk with all of his personal items was lost. My sisters and I have been trying to find a way to learn if this trunk or its contents might still exist. The trunk contained all his uniforms, photos, dog tags, keepsakes, etc. Can anyone help? Contact: Elizabeth Cox (also known as Elizabeth Bundy), 719-391-0445 [email protected]

Looking for a Vietnam-era military-issue red ink pen with unit designation including &ldquoBravo Battery, 2nd Battalion.&rdquo A similar pen was recovered with remains possibly associated with Kevin O&rsquoBrien who served with HHB 2nd Bn., 94th Arty., 108th Arty. Grp. O&rsquoBrien went MIA on Jan. 9, 1969. A match on the pen could help resolve this case and bring Kevin O&rsquoBrien home. Contact: Danny &ldquoGreasy&rdquo Belcher, [email protected]

Trying to locate Joseph McArthur Bowman and Hurley Reed, both recalled from Danang, 1970-71. Bowman was originally from Washington, D.C., and served with the 363rd Trans. Co. in Vietnam. He later served in Korea. Contact. Lawrence Wilber, 162 West Euclid Ave., Jackson, MI 49203 517-782-9635.

I want to surprise my husband with a picture. He tells a story of landing in Vietnam in June 1967 aboard the U.S.S. Barrett (AP-196) with the 3rd Howitzer Bn., 316th Arty. He recalls a picture taken with three companies standing in formation on the dock. Does anybody have a copy or know where I could find a copy? Contact: Rebecca S. (&ldquoBecca&rdquo) Williamson, Executive Secretary, Office of the President, Samford University, 800 Lakeshore Dr., Birmingham, AL 35229 205-726-2710 205-726-2061 (fax) [email protected]

Seeking Paul Hoh (St. Louis) and other Seabee mates from Vietnam or Exmouth, Australia. Contact: Douglas Dockter, [email protected]

Looking for &ldquoFrenchy&rdquo LeDuc or anyone else who served with me at the Puuloa Rifle Range, Hawaii, Jan. 1967-69. Also want to hear from John Picard of Lewiston, Maine, who I served with in Vietnam and Okinawa. Contact: Tom Rottsheit, 1615 South Grand Ave., Waukesha, WI, 53189 262-524-0883 [email protected]

Looking for anyone who was at Cam Ranh Bay in the 32nd Transit from July 1969-Sept.1970. Contact: Dennis Henderson, 2898 VZCR 4907, Ben Wheeler, TX 75754 903-852-5203 [email protected]

Looking for anyone who served with me in C Btry., 8th Bn., 6th Arty., 1st Inf. Div., Phu Lai, 1965-66. Contact: Ralph Goodwin, 18 Hart St., Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 631-473-8264 [email protected]

Seeking friends of Billy Anspach. I recently came into possession of his photo album. He was a friend who served in Vietnam in the late 1960s. I am searching for people he served with who might want the pictures. Billy died in August 1979. Contact: James Weigel, [email protected]

Need a copy of boot camp graduation yearbook for Platoon 1149, 1st Recruit Training Bn., USMC Recruit Depot, San Diego (March 5, 1969). The DIs were SSgt Elrod and SSgt Segrift. Contact: Anthony Hudson, Sr., 1790 Palomino Ct., Oceanside, CA 92057 [email protected]

Trying to locate John Trebey, formerly an Army captain, and Charles Brittain, formerly an Air Force major. Both men served with my recently deceased husband, Len Glen, in 1969-70. Contact: Deb Duus, 52 Eden St. West, Walkers Point, Queensland, Australia, 4650.

Seeking all former camera repairmen 402X0 or sensor systems techs 301X0A/B. I was with Det. 1, 33rd CAMRON, 1963-64 460TRW, A&E, 1966-69. Contact: Harry Biller, 1152 Hostler Rd., Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 304-725-8560 304-676-0858 [email protected]

Looking for Larry Randall (Wisconsin). We served together in the 2129th Communications Sqdrn., CCK AFB, Taiwan, 1972. Contact: Jerry Borchert, 1558 Stanford Ln., Denton, TX 76210 [email protected]t

Looking for former Lt. Christianson of the 6th/84th Artillery. Forgot his first name and am unsure about spelling of his last. Believe he was from California. I was the RTO for his Forward Observer team in 1968 until we were split up the same year. Contact: Bill Whetstone, 9708 Ridge Heights Rd., Fairview Heights, IL 62208 618-397-6216 [email protected]

Looking for anyone who served with Don Burkhardt (Newton, Iowa), an M-60 machine gunner with Co. A, 2/1, 196th LIB, Americal Div., 1970. Don died in a car wreck and his family would like to talk to other members of his platoon. Contact: Bev Burkhardt Davis, [email protected]

Help needed for PTSD claim. Want to hear from anyone who served with me in 102nd Engr. Bn. during the Tet Offensive, 1967-68. Specifically searching for anyone who was with us at Pleiku in the quarry when we got hit late in April 1968. Also looking for the guard from the 4th Div. who I helped the night we were attacked by a band of young Vietcong. Contact: Leonard L. Jenkins, 407 E. Webster, Apt. 6, Coleman, MI 48618 989-465-1263 [email protected]

Need help with a VA hearing loss claim. Did anybody work on the T-37 &ldquoTweety Bird&rdquo or serve at Reese AFB, Texas? Seeking anybody who served at Reese or other training bases as pilots, air traffic controllers, flight line personnel&mdashanyone exposed to high and continuous headset communications. Contact: Robert E. Greene, 1208 Allendale Rd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 717-691-0248 [email protected]

Looking for William McPhail (Detroit) who was at Ft. Knox with 3rd Armored Div., 2nd Trng. Bde., Advanced Infantry Training, fall 1967. Contact: James DeVone, Sr., P.O. Box 51216, Durham, NC 27717 919-430-1508 [email protected]

I was a combat surgeon with the 3rd Med. Bn., 3rd Marine Div., Phu Bai, Dong Ha, and Quang Tri, 1967-68. During my tour, we had three tiger attacks, two fatal. I&rsquom interested in contacting any troops or air crew who were involved or recall them. Contact: John Munna, M.D., [email protected]

Seeking Central Highlands video (Pleiku, An Khe, Dak To, Highway 19) for vet unable to revisit Vietnam. I have much in-country audio and video to exchange if interested. Contact: Jim Claeys, [email protected]

Looking for a guy nicknamed &ldquoCrazy John&rdquo who served with 3rd Plt., Charlie Co., 4th/31st, 196th LIB, Americal Div. John arrived in-country in June or July 1970. Contact: Greg O&rsquoNeil, [email protected]

Searching for anyone who served aboard the U.S.S. Hickman County (LST-825), Mobile Riverine Force, 1966-1967. Contact: Robert &ldquoRock&rdquo Mikula, [email protected]

Interested in speaking with anyone who played a role in creating maps for the Army Corps of Engineers/Army Map Service during the Vietnam War era. Contact: Xande Anderer, [email protected]

Want to hear from Kelsey (former Sgt.), Wilson (former Maj.), or any other former fellow soldiers from Advisory Team #73, Chuong Thien Province, IV Corps, 1970.

Seeking info on an operation we went on from MAT Team in Long My. Contact: Joseph Leavens, 500 Mermaid Ave., Beachwood, NJ 08722 732-341-3072 732-323-5008.

Man in England wants to correspond with Vietnam veterans. I am 47 years old, have read a great deal about the Vietnam War and watched many documentaries, and believe that this generation of American vets not only fought bravely and with distinction, but withstood a terrible homecoming. My one wish before I die is to visit The Wall. Contact: Olwen Gilham, 13 Queens Crescent, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Need help with VA Claim. Searching for anybody who served with Peter Perry, 4th Engr. Bn., Dec. 1969-Dec. 1970. Contact: Gary R. Baker, Veterans Affairs Officer, 605 W. Main St., Ste. 101, Lexington, SC 29072 803-785-8401.

Looking for Raul De La Fuente from HHC, 1st of the 12th, 1st Cav., 1968-69. Contact: Damian Zoida, 7334 W. Carter Rd., Laveen, AZ 85339 602-237-0008 [email protected]

Seeking anybody who knew or served with my brother, Gordon Peterson, an Australian with A Co., 1st Bn., Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) in conjunction with the 173rd Airborne Div., Bien Hoa and Nui Dat, 1965-66. Particularly interested in 173rd vets who served with 1RAR on recon patrols. Gordon completed a second combat tour, 1968-69. Contact: Frank C. Peterson, 312 Spencer Rd., Devon, PA 19333.

Need help with VA claim. Looking for anyone from Co. C, 1st Bn., 503rd Inf., 173rd Airborne Bde., July-Nov. 1969. Who remembers the KIA who was hit in the head in an ambush in either Aug. or Sept. 1969? Who was with me when Martin Dyer was killed and Pop Deel wounded? Contact: William H. Hinds, Jr., 8090 Runion Rd., San Angelo, TX 76905 325-763-4778.

Gary Bell and Dennis Koehler want to produce a book with photos describing our experiences with 25th Inf. Div. Counterintelligence Section, Cu Chi, 1968-69. Seeking stories from Cheatham, Bonjiorno, Cavaiani, Tebo, or any others who served with us. Contact: Dennis Koehler, 561-684-2844 [email protected]

Seeking Brunet, Cook, Dink, Heek, Hernandez, Butterfield, Yakes, or any other former Marines who served with me in the 3rd Marine Div. Civil Action Program (CAP) 2-3-8, 1970. Contact: Donald Martinez, P. O. Box 215, Cebolla, NM 87518 505-684-0034.

Looking for crew members of U.S.S. Reaper (MSO-467), especially Thomas &ldquoDuke&rdquo Ortman, John Price, or Dennis Swabb. Contact: Ray Rogers, C-54337/3112, P. O. Box 8101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8101

Searching for Shackleford, Stoney, Fishbaugh, Agnew, Sharp, Steven Shaffer, Wallace Turner, Bagdonas, and the man whose name I cannot recall who walked point for me with C/2/3, 199th Light Inf. Bde., near An Loc. We worked &ldquoThe Pineapple,&rdquo July-Nov. 1968. Contact: David L. Carte, 903 Washington Ave., Nitro, WV 25143 304-767-8645.

Trying to verify Agent Orange exposure. Want to locate any cooks from 388th Combat Support Grp., 388th Service Sqdrn., who went TDY from Korat Royal Thai AFB to Tan Son Nhut in 1967, particularly Amweg, Martin, or McDonald. Contact: Jim R. Riesenberg, Veterans Service Officer, Courthouse-Room B-4, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081 920-459-3054 920-459-3055 (fax) [email protected]

Looking for 572nd MI DET personal memoirs, photos, prior key leaders, unit citations, bios, or any other relevant 572 history. This unit&rsquos lineage was not properly preserved, and I am trying to collect photos and memorabilia to adorn our walls. I am the current 1SG for 572nd MICO, 8/1 Cav., 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Contact: Jeffrey S. Clyons, 253-495-2096 [email protected]

Buffalo Bill Bailey is seeking anyone, especially James Simpson, from either Co. E, 43rd Signal Bn., 556th Signal Bn. or Co. E, 73rd Signal Bn., Oct. 5, 1968-April 9, 1970. Buffalo was a cook stationed at Lang Bian Mountain near Dalat. Contact: Bill Bailey, 931-648-0496.

Seeking pen pal from Vietnam era, J.D. Ayres. I have old letters and would like to re-connect. Ayres was with H&S Co., Comm. Plt., 3rd Bn., 5th Marines, 3rd Marine Div. He was medevaced to the Naval Hospital at Da Nang, and one letter was written from there. I was then Karen Olsen. Contact: Karen Raynor, [email protected]

Searching for a veteran named Terry Harr (Orlando, Fla.) who served with Cliff Naylor in Vietnam. Contact: Jeffrey Puleski, [email protected]

Searching for Robert Johnson, from Syracuse, N.Y. He graduated from West Genesee High School in Camillus, N.Y. He returned from Vietnam a changed man and we lost touch. I was formerly Heather Baker. Contact: Heather Hofmeister, [email protected]

Looking for any Marine who was with me on April 7, 1967, with CAP Charlie 4/CAP 2-2-4 near Tam Hoa and Hill 65 when Michael Flynn was killed along the Song Vu Gia River. I was CAP corpsman at the time. Contact: Glenn Smith, 60272 Dalia Rd., Olathe, CO 81425 970-208-3052 [email protected]

Seeking anyone who served at a Ranger training center, Trung Lap/Trung Hoa, near Cu Chi, 1961-62. Contact: Linton C. Beasley, 1122 Boone Hill Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24503 434-384-7269 [email protected]

Seeking anyone who served with me in A Co., 1st TC Bn. (AMD) (SBN) aboard U.S.N.S. Corpus Christ Bay (T-ARVH-1) off Vung Tau, 1971. We built and tested engines for Hueys, Cobras, and Chinooks. Contact: John M. Kroschinsky, Sr., 607 Franklin Mills Rd., Warfordsburg, PA 17267 717-294-6411 301-988-6412 240-420-1515 [email protected]

Looking for friends who served with me in HQ&A Co., 707th Maint. Bn., Camp Casey, Korea, 1969-70. Also seeking radar shop buddies who worked with me at Camp Alamo on the DMZ. Contact: R. Ward, 920-773-2224 [email protected]

Need help with VA claim. Looking for those who served with 355th Field Maint. Sqdrn., Base Flight (C-47), Takhli Royal Thai AFB, 1967-68. Contact: Thomas Bartolick, [email protected]

Anyone know the whereabouts of Robert (Bob) Walp who served aboard the U.S.S. Blackfin (SS-322)? Contact: Rick Roberts, 931-637-2854 [email protected]

I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran interested and willing to correspond with any brother veteran in prison, hospital, nursing home, etc. Contact: William F. Smith, P.O. Box 113, Hodgen, OK 74939 [email protected]

Trying to locate Lynn Parschell and Terry Wallace from 3rd Sqd., 4th Cav., 25th Inf. Div., Cu Chi, 1968-1969. Contact: Bill (&ldquoTiny&rdquo) Shoemaker, 740-773-0570 [email protected]

Looking for information on defects in boots issued for training in 1964-65. Several veterans, including myself, have developed heel and ankle problems asociated with these boots, but it&rsquos hard to prove without corroboration and help. Contact: G.B., [email protected]

French man, 35 years old, interested in corresponding with Vietnam veterans. Want to learn more about the war in Vietnam. Contact: Christophe, [email protected]

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