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Laifi is a tool that enables the creation of content in a very didactic way. Check out some ready Laifis about history.

(part 3)

World War II (23 posts)
Rebirth (29 posts)
16th Century Personalities (22 posts)
Modern Age (15 posts)
Average Age (12 posts)
Old Age (23 posts)
Prehistory (25 posts)
Roman Emperors (114 posts)
Major Events in the Contemporary Age (60 posts)
Key Events in the Modern Age (26 posts)
Main Events in the Middle Ages (16 posts)
Nordic Mythology (45 posts)
The First Peoples of America and the Indians of Brazil (65 posts)
Discovering Brazil (45 posts)
Brazilian Presidents and Rulers (56 posts)
Three Powers (48 posts)

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