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Pirarucu - Legends and Myths

Pirarucu - Legends and Myths

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The legend of Pirarucu had its origin in the Amazonian waters. Pirarucu is one of the largest scale fish in Brazil.

And to explain their origin, Indians often tell the following legend. Pirarucu was an Indian warrior from the Nala nation. This young Indian was very brave, proud, vain, unjust and liked to practice evil. It was then that the God Tupa decided to punish him for all his wickedness and asked Goddess Luruauaçu to bring down a great storm, and so it happened. Heavy rain fell from the sky over the Xandoré forest. The demon that hates men began to send thunder and lightning, making the whole forest electrified by the lightning.

The strong warrior named Pirarucu was at rain time hunting in the forest and tried to escape, but failed. Beaten by the force of the wind, it fell to the ground and lightning broke a very large tree, which fell on the young warrior's head, flattening him completely.

The young warrior had his body collapsed, easily carried by the flood into the depths of the Tocantins River, but in the Xandoré forest the Tupã God was not satisfied yet and decided to transform it by applying a severe punishment, turning the young warrior into a reddish fish. , with large scales and flat head. It is this Pirarucu fish that inhabits the rivers of the Amazon.