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Capelobo - Legends and Myths

Capelobo - Legends and Myths

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This legend is very common in the Pará Rivers Region and also in Maranhão. The name Capelobo is the union of a probably indigenous name meaning where Cape (broken, crooked or crippled bone) + wolf.

Capelobo can appear in two distinct forms: animal form - where it looks like a tapir but with more distinct characteristics, is larger than a common tapir, is faster, has a muzzle more like that of a dog or pig, and long hair - and human form: appears with half male body, with anteater muzzle, and rounded body.

He usually goes out at night, prowling the houses and camps inside the forests, usually catching newborn dogs and cats, but when he catches a larger animal or a man, he breaks his skull and eats the brain or drinks the blood. It is only killed with a navel injury.


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